澳门新萄京It is a collection of metal 3D printing equipment research and development, manufacturing and application of high-tech enterprises. The company has international advanced level of R & D, manufacturing and experienced technical service team. Faithfulness metal 3D printing equipment company in the biomedical, precision machinery manufacturing, aviation and other fields are widely used, it is in a leading position.

High cost performance

Half of the price of similar foreign equipment; key and core components are imported to ensure the working condition; due to high cost in foreign software and processing costs, the software and machining are completely independently developed;

Highly mature product technology

More than ten years of science and technology platform and professional industrial incubation platform;

Independent IPR

More than ten core patents and more than 50 ancillary patents, one U.S patent and one German patent;

Open material and process package

Equipment control programs and process parameter control programs are independently developed to be a real open platform;

Professional technical service team

Being supported by professors, doctors with years of experience in research and development

Custom-made and open source

Custom-made and open source to the needs of customers;

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  • Fax: 0757-85772842
  • Mobile phone: 13690318744(Mr Yi)
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  • Address: Henjiang Section, Guangfo Road, Yanbu, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province